Visitor Information

WELCOME! Whether you are an Orthodox Christian seeking to renew your faith, or someone unfamiliar with but interested in Orthodoxy, we encourage you to learn more about the rich traditions and faith of the Orthodox Church. You have not come to a mere meeting house of a “denomination” or to a museum of an ancient culture, but to the “house of God, the gate of heaven,” where the only living and true God, the Holy Trinity, is worshiped “in spirit and in truth.” We welcome all those who enter with “faith, reverence, and the fear of God,” and hope you will ask our clergy or parishioners to help you with any questions you may have.

By the prayers of the holy angels who inhabit this holy place, and all the saints who have shone forth in the Russian land, our patrons and protectors, may Christ our God enlighten and save you.

Parish Clergy:

Fr. Boris Henderson, Rector

Fr. Michael Preobrazhensky, Priest

Deacon Jan Veselak

Rdr. Timothy Henderson
Taper-bearer Vladimir Lander

Parish Staff:
Warden: Alexander Yaremenko
Treasurer: Larisa Anosova
Secretary: Igor Makarov
Choir Director: Mat. Natalia Henderson
Sisterhood President: Ludmila Fifer