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CHRIST IS RISEN! Congratulations with the Radiant Resurrection of Christ!

This is the most joyous and triumphant of feasts, on which we recall the great occurrence of the arising of the Lord Jesus Christ from the tomb after three days, after His crucifixion, death on the cross, and burial. Christ arose early in the morning, after the Sabbath had passed, on the first day of the week, from which this day received our name for it, "Voskresenie" ("Resurrection"). Christians, celebrating the New Testament Pascha, exult in the deliverance through Christ of all the people from slavery to the devil and in the granting of Life and everlasting bliss. Pascha is the essence of our faith: for Christ rose from the dead, and we will rise from the dead. Therefore Pascha is the Feast of feasts and the Triumph of triumphs, and therefore the services of this Feast are exceptionally magnificent and especially triumphant. Read more about the feast here.
Fifth Sunday after Pascha. Sunday of the Samaritan Woman. 
Vigil & Confessions: May 28, Saturday at 6:00 p.m.
Liturgy: May 29, Sunday at 10:00 a.m.
On the fifth Sunday after Pascha — that of the Samaritan Woman — we commemorate how the lord, coming from the Samaritan city of Sihar to Jacob’s well, while in conversation with the Samaritan woman gave her "the living water which dries up the fount of sins," revealed that He is the Knower of hearts, and clearly proclaimed Himself the Messiah, Christ.
Read more about the feast here.
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