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Great Lent: February 19 – April 7, 2018
Great Lent is the 40-day season of spiritual preparation that comes before the most important Feast of the Christian year, Holy Pascha. The purpose of fasting is to remind us of the Scriptural teaching, “Man does not live by bread alone.” The needs of the body are nothing compared to the needs of the soul. Above all else, we need God, Who provides everything for both the body and the soul. Fasting teaches us to depend on God more fully.
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Laudation of the Mother of God.
Matins & Confessions: March 23, Friday at 6:30 P.M.
Liturgy: March 24, Saturday at 9:30 A.M.
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St. Mary of Egypt. 5th Sunday of Great Lent.
Vigil & Confessions: March 24, Saturday at 6:00 P.M.
Liturgy: March 25, Sunday at 10:00 A.M.
St. Mary, who is known as Mary of Egypt from a great sinner, became, with God's help, a very great saint and left such a striking example of repentance.
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The Sisterhood of All Saints of Russia Orthodox Church presents
Traditional Paschal Foods.

 Support our Sisterhood with your purchase of Kulich, Cheese Pascha or a basket
PASCHA  April 8, 2018
  • Kulich: Big $20; Small $10
  • Cheese Pascha: $25
  • Eggs colored: $1/each
  • Big Basket $70: Big Kulich, 12 eggs, cheese pascha, candle
  • Small Basket $50: Small kulich, 6 eggs, cheese pascha, candle
To order: Fill out an order form at the candle kiosk at the church or call (720)480-9153
Kulich and pascha are baked according to the traditional recipe and with Rector’s blessing.
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*Dates listed are according to the civil calendar.
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